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Personal Floral Consultant

The Flower Truck Personal Floral Consultant

Do you find yourself realizing last minute that you should be remembering that special someone on a certain day? Did you forget a birthday, an anniversary, or just that important day you share together? So what do you do? You grab every-day chocolates and plain old flowers at the grocery store on the way home — if they have any left. Don’t ever be in that situation again!

Together we will create a special Personal Floral Consultant package to cover those important days and dates you don’t want to forget. Your PFC Floral Arrangement Package provides your choice of five or six personally created and designed arrangements based on your individual loved ones favorites. And at a very affordable price, these beautiful floral arrangements include delivery to home or office on the special days you reserve.

Let Me Be Your Personal Floral Consultant

1) Fill out the form below providing the five or six (as per the package you purchased) delivery dates (birthday, holidays, special days, etc.) when you want your Bokays delivered, and the other information as indicated. Use the last field for anything else you think will help make each delivery more personal.

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